The Audrey Clutch by Christine Rochlitz Redefines its Wood Material

The elegant Audrey Clutch by Christine Rochlitz redefines the construction boundaries of its stiff wood material. The luxe carry-all accessory is created for the designer's very own Berlin-based label, LYY-LUCKYNELLY.

This covetable clutch is made out using a sewable wood textile that is sewn together with washable paper. The chic statement piece looks and feels like quality leather but is instead created with sustainable wood and paper materials that can be recycled after use.

The Audrey Clutch by Christine Rochlitz embodies the designer's vegan concept that marries gorgeous aesthetics with cruelty-free construction practices. While they are made in Berlin, the designer's striking and unique pieces will be displayed at LYY-LUCKYNELLY during the Fashion Strikes Event in Abu Dhabi this coming week.