gozdom's AT-ST Lamp is a Retired Death Machine for Your Desktop

 - Apr 25, 2013
References: flickr & obviouswinner
This AT-ST lamp by gozdom is a fantastic piece for your desktop. After many years of being defeated by the Rebels, it has retired and is willing to serve your desk. Not to worry though, the only thing it can shoot now is a bright light to help your visibility.

The lamp has an interesting steampunk inspiration used for the structure. Built from bronze, wood and copper, the AT-ST contains rivets and styles typical of the steampunk genre.

The AT-ST lamp makes quite an epic addition to any Star Wars fan's room. It combines crafty design with a functional purpose and is probably best suited for a desk or table. You could also use this light in the garage since the light beam is high-powered, and its rugged and mechanical design would fit in well in that atmosphere.