The AT-AT Display Brings Together the World of Sci-Fi and Alcohol

Colin Johnson’s AT-AT display is great for Star Wars fans that want to incorporate their Monday morning rituals with some sci-fi panache.

Alcohol, like Star Wars is something many people enjoy. Johnson’s AT-AT liquor cabinet is the perfect mash-up of Star Wars nerdiness and alcoholic pleasure. Named the ‘Emperor’s Cabinet,’ the AT-AT display provides a nerdy means of alcohol storage. The wooden steampunk-inspired AT-AT should become a part of every Star Wars fans’ room that’s above the legal drinking age. The Emperor’s Cabinet was constructed from high-density plywood, mahogany veneer, solid brass trim and glass.

The AT-AT liquor display is composed of all the details of the actual AT-AT—with the obvious exception of moving at a ridiculously glacial pace.