Chaotic Atmospheres' Digitally Made Asteroids are Breathtaking

 - Sep 16, 2013
References: chaoticatmospheres & inspirefirst
The way that Chaotic Atmospheres was able to create such a stunning series of crystallized asteroid artwork is nothing short of amazing. The digital renders that were created have a hyper-realistic feel to theme that makes you question if they were captured with a high-powered telescope.

Even though this asteroid artwork isn't actually real, there is still an awe-inspiring effect that happens when you view it. The gray and silver asteroid renders have such intricate detailing that it makes you feel like you can reach out and run your hands along the surface.

Chaotic Atmospheres has done a remarkable job bringing the fantasy nature of space directly to your computer screens. The finishing additions of the lighting and lens flares elevates the images to a whole new level.