Asda is Selling an Inexpensive, Oxygen-Generating Pineapple Plant

 - Nov 24, 2017
References: devonlive & metro
The home brand Asda is offering an affordable, £12 pineapple plant that is able to enhance the air quality of the homes it is placed in.

Pineapple plants are able to produce high amounts of oxygen -- more than many other common houseplants -- and keeping them in the bedroom is actually NASA-approved. Research from NASA suggests that those who sleep with pineapple plants in their bedrooms are able to greatly improve the air quality around them -- contributing to a reduction in snoring, and overall improved health in those who keep them around.

Asda's pineapple plant comes in a gold pineapple-shaped pot and features a single, miniature pineapple at the top -- which is inedible and takes up to two years to grow.