These Arwassa (Yolanda Perez) Illustrations are Inscrutable

 - May 14, 2012
References: arwassa & characterdesignserved
These illustrations by Arwassa (also known as Yolanda Perez), titled ‘Psique,’ are more than just eye-catching.

The Spanish artist describes her artwork as an exploration of the "girly world." That is, a world full of smiling faces but sinister intentions, sensitivity and voraciousness. This complexity of character is realized visually in her illustrations through fairy-like characters that smile with viscous fangs and inscrutable intentions. Arwassa explains that within the worlds of her illustrations, these characters are sovereign; although, it is unclear whether they are malicious tyrants or well-intentioned queens -- this is left for the viewer to decide.

Arwassa has expanded her range of skills to include toy design. These illustrations could be adapted well into such a medium; despite their psychological underpinnings, the drawings possess all the cute, cartoonish qualities one would normally expect to see in toy design.