Haldane Martin's Creative Approach for the Swan Cafe is Sleek

With a design-friendly approach, an eye for detail and elegance, this traditional French crêperie in Cape Town is the epitome of a welcoming artistic cafe. The interior is developed under the creative direction of Haldane Martin. The aesthetic is decisively anchored to the blue swan logo — a "majestic creature with mythological significance" and a graceful emblem of brand identity.

The artistic cafe, which is unsurprisingly dubbed 'Swan Café,' boasts a beautiful mural of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Leda and the Swan.' Haldane Martin translates the image with a monochromatic blue mask to better integrate it within the artistic cafe interior. Similarly, the furniture of the establishment communicates the exquisite French spirit in the appropriate color palette.

Photo Credits: Micky Hoyle