Artesania Sorata Creates Artisan Goods and Employs Women

Artesania Sorata is another one of those social businesses that has been around for decades, even though it may not have called itself a social business (and still may not call itself that). Founded in 1978, this fair trade company creates Bolivian alpaca knitwear designed by low-income artisan women in rural and urban areas.

More than simply providing fair wages for communities, Artesania Sorata fosters education opportunities for the workers' children, health and literacy programs, as well as a program called Turgo Watermotor that focuses on small-scale waterpower in order to create more efficient uses of energy, which obviously can have impacts on the community -- and country -- at large. The co-operative is currently partnered with Campo Nuevo, which is a non-profit organization based in the United States.

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