Art We Heart's Paper Plants are Perfect for Forgetful Green Thumbs

 - Jul 27, 2014
References: artweheart & laughingsquid
House plants can be hard work, which is why there are Art We Heart Paper Plants. The boutique art store, located in Los Angeles, has five paper plants to choose from. These paper plants aren't just pieces of paper folded to look like nondescript plants. No, Art We Heart is going for realism here, with each plant looking like the real deal.

The bends, ridges and holes of the Art We Heart Paper Plants help bring them to life, as do the vivid colors used to decorate them. Each plant is an original creation that is made by hand in Los Angeles, with types including fan palm, oncidium orchid and heliconia. As such, the Art We Heart Paper Plants are a bit more expensive than regular house plants, with each one going for $75.