Ariel Garten Explains Her Emerging Technologies for TEDxToronto

 - Sep 24, 2011
References: interaxon & tedxtoronto
Although TEDxToronto is still underway, the work of InteraXon and its CEO Ariel Garten's is too fascinating to keep under wraps.

The Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) Talks have brought laboratory research and innovation to the layman with unprecedented fluidity. At this year's TEDx conference held in Toronto, the co-founder and CEO of InteraXon made a splash with her keynote address on thought-controlled computing. It may be a difficult concept to digest, but we'll all be controlling our iPhone, TVs and computers with our minds in the near future. After converting easy-measured brainwaves through an "impulse actuator," Ariel Garten's technology translates it into digital signals which are used to control just about anything -- from remote-controlled cars to your DVD player.

Although mind-controlled devices may have to compete with voice-activated tech for the public's attention, I'm confident the former has all the edge. Soon you'll be able to control almost anything without the touch of a button.