Interested Participants Can Sign Up for Testing Google's Area 120 Projects

 - Jun 29, 2017
References: & theverge
Google is known for its persistently innovative software, and the search giant has an in-house startup incubator called Area 120 specifically devoted to exploring the boldest projects imaginable. Now, users can get the chance to try out these software projects before they hit the public at large, as Area 120 has opened a beta-testing signup for people who fancy themselves vanguards of the cutting edge.

Signing up for Area 120's beta-testing system feels a bit Faustian, if only because users simply enter their email without any detailed explanation of what they might expect to test in the future. The justification is equally simple though: even Area 120 doesn't know what software will be in the testing phase — it hasn't been invented yet. For many users, such a prospect is promising rather than daunting.