24 Carat Gold IPod

 - Apr 23, 2007   Updated: Apr 20 2011
References: gearlog
For $600 and $800 you can have your own iPod plated in 24-carat gold - proving that your music is as precious to you as gold. The iPods currently available in gold include the 8GB Nano and the 30GB or 80GB iPod Video.

Implications - Today's prestige-obsessed consumer can appreciate any opportunity to boast their ability to spend, especially in the midst of a credit crunch. Over indulgence is the antidote to all of the rationing and careful financial considerations consumers have to take in the recession, causing a boom in excessively opulent products such as this 24-carat gold iPod. Though some may see this as pointless, this iPod is a must have for consumers looking to flash their cash.