The Apple Harvest System is Designed for Efficient Fruit Picking

 - Aug 11, 2011
Picking fruit from trees is an activity too finicky to leave to machines, and of course it can cause a great deal of pain to the people who assume the job, given the broad range of movements and tasks to carry out from the tree to the crate. The Apple Harvest System recognizes the importance of human reapers and aims to serve effectively as a multifunctional piece of assisting equipment.

Ergonomics was intelligently taken into account by designer Néstor Cubillos, who insisted that extensive motions should be avoided and that bending and reaching should be kept to a minimum. To accomplish this, the contraption incorporates the functions of a dolly, a ladder and a wearable basket so that Apple Harvest System users can climb, pluck, place and transport produce swiftly and efficiently.