Apocalypse Cow Blends Elements of Animated Films and Classic Games

 - Mar 23, 2018
References: youtube & engadget
Apocalypse Cow is perhaps one of the best looking indie titles to come out of GDC 2018 and manages to revive the 2D platformer in fun and engaging ways. Developed by an indie studio called Monsters, this charming indie title draws inspiration from genre-classics such as Super Mario as well as the animated film Wreck-It Ralph. The inspiration from the film comes in the game's story, as players control a character named Penny who tries to figure out what caused a glitch in a digital universe populated by video game worlds.

The story concept behind Apocalypse Cow may sound basic, but the developers promise a rich and engrossing story that was rewritten three times. Penny's journey through the worlds will task players with various missions each leading up to the ultimate goal of discovering the glitch in the system. The worlds are portrayed beautifully with quirks and color, but the game also has darker undertones with gory action.

Image Credit: Monsters