Companies in Singapore are Offering Virtual Tours to Prospective Buyers

 - Nov 2, 2016
References: keppelland & mashable
'Keppel Land,' a property developer that's based out of Singapore, is one many companies in the area that has been implementing a futuristic apartment-viewing experience into its business model.

As those who've spent arduous hours going on visits to showings might know, getting a better understanding of a space that one's interested in buying in a convenient fashion is something that's highly attractive. With Oculus Rift, companies like Keppel Land are able to use VR to recreate the apartment-viewing experience, without actually having to take prospective buyers straight to it. Not only does this make the whole process more convenient for buyers and businesses alike, but it also saves on time and the costs of building showrooms.

In addition to this, companies like 'Commune Lifestyle' are using the technology to test out how different pieces of furniture would fit into homes. Although the experiences aren't quite equivalent to the real thing, the use of VR technology in these cases illustrates how it's being effectively implemented by businesses across the market.