Tiny Apartments Painted on Normal Objects Around a City Make for Mini Fun

 - Jan 25, 2013
References: flickr & twistedsifter
These examples of miniature apartment graffiti on everyday objects around Germany makes me wish I could shrink down and live in one.

To create the astonishing apartment art, German artist Evol uses different layers of stencils to create an impressive level of depth and detail. Whether he's painting balconies and windows on cinder blocks, lockboxes, walls or other regularly mundane objects around the town, it's definitely an interesting and classier sort of graffiti than one would normally observe. My personal favorite is the heavily detailed and uniquely depth-filled work located in an archway.

Evol also does a lot of gallery work beyond his apartment graffiti. He has put on exhibits of his work in Germany, China, Belgium, and the United States. He currently works and lives in Berlin, Germany.