Anzevino & Florence

 - Apr 24, 2008
References: azfn & trendcentral
Remember the shirts that changed colour when exposed to heat that were so popular in the 90s? Well, these shirts from Anzevino & Florence are similar, and respond to any kind of heat, including your own breath, as seen in the gallery.

"Hypercolor brand apparel made a big impact in the late '80s and early '90s with their wares that changed color with heat," TrendCentral says. "Favorite Hypercolor activities of the time included blowing into the fabric, making handprints, and watching as vibrant tie dye prints faded back to the original colors upon being taken out of the dryer."

Hypercolor isn't back on the scene, but Anzevino & Florence are bringing back the concept.

The collection, Sometimes Catastrophes Become Trophies is a "foray into the realms of high fashion, featuring unique silhouettes out of supple fabrics," says. "The interactive, modular outfits, made with ultra comfortable fabrics like Modal and Bamboo are inspired by fencing garb, architecture, and tree bark."

It would be one of the worst things you could wear if you had to give a presentation. On the other hand, if you're an awkward speaker, people will be so distracted by your neon pink armpits, they won't hear a word you say!