The Anxiety Suit Analzyes the Risk-Taking Behaviour in Humans

 - Jul 21, 2011
References: dan-watson & designbuzz
Although there have been many psychology experiments that have explored the idea of risk and risk-taking behavior in humans, the Anxiety Suit takes it to the streets by allowing designer Dan Watson to explore how manipulating behavior will affect a person's perception of the magnitude of a particular risk.

Inspired by his study of street crimes, Watson built the Anxiety Suit, which followed a four-phase experiment. The first step involved identifying those who assess risk poorly and to see if they would change their behavior when aware of the risk. The second step explored different ways of communicating information to a human. The third step focused on altering the person's emotional state and the final step combined all of these using the Anxiety Suit.

The Anxiety Suit showed that humans rank low on the risk-assessing graph and do modify behavior when they are aware of the magnitude of the risk.