Anton Van Hertbruggen Renders Strangely Cozy Graphics

Anton Van Hertbruggen renders highly relatable depictions of modern suburban life in his collection 'Memories of a Suburban Utopia.' He borrows traditional book art styles, popular in the 70s, to immediately evoke a strong nostalgic appeal. The illustrations are constructed into an accordion book, emphasizing the motif of childhood memories. Van Hertbertbruggen's illustrations exhibit scenes of mundane, realistic life in a suburb. However, Van Hertbruggen sprinkles fantasy images onto the trivial scenes. A UFO is seen flying through the air, a bear spanned out in the sky and a dinosaur peaking out over rooftops.

Anton Van Hertbruggen grew up in the suburbs of Antwerp, Belgium in the 90s. Drawing from his own memories and fascination with voyeurism, the artist explored isolation and the private, yet possibly thrilling lives of the people behind the fences.