Anto Packaging Charms with Scrumptiously Illustrated Bits of Vegetables

 - Sep 26, 2013
References: casarex & thedieline
As many brands are beginning to seriously simplify the appearance of their products, consumers are gaining a new appreciation for busier labels that have been thoughtfully executed. Anto packaging is a delicious example of the latter, featuring aluminum cans that are completely covered in illustrations. The result is soft and sweet on the eyes.

Casa Rex began with a base that captures the rough but beautiful Italian landscape. This watermark has been printed over the entire paper jacket, providing a rich backdrop for the brand's memorable name and the incorporation of ingredient pieces that reflect Anto packaging's contents. Tomatoes, beans and peas have been drawn in a simplified style. The foods have been playfully strewn across the labels along with leafy twigs and lovely swirls.