The Antler Table Integrates a Pair of Dropped Ledges on Either End

 - Mar 11, 2014
References: jungdongsung &
Crouch down and look at the Antler Table straight on and you'll begin to recognize where the piece of furniture got its name. The combination of the fine tubular metal structure and the thin panels comes to resemble the simplified profile of branched horns. Dongsung Jung's design is slim, sleek and would crisply complement a contemporary space.

With the Antler Table, you get more than one vast flat surface to work with, potentially increasing the functionality and the comfort of the furnishing. In addition to the rectangular tabletop, this piece has a pair of short shelves that suspend from each end, increasing the storage area and inviting some creativity in use. Turn the object into a desk and use the ledges for keyboards and stationery.