Ignorance Does Not Necessarily Mean Bliss in Anti-HIV 'Woody' Ad

 - Nov 19, 2013
References: aides.org & buzzillablog
The French-based Anti-AIDS organization 'AIDES' accentuates its slogan, "Sometimes, you can lie without knowing it" through an ad by Parisian advertising agency, TBWA, directed by Marc and Ish. The anti-HIV ad, 'Woody,' features a woman who meets a man that parallels the modern day Pinocchio and is about to make love to him. When she asks whether he has protection, he says, "No, it's fine, don't worry." And we see the lengthening of Woody's nose.

This ad helps to reminding the general public of the importance of protection and to bring to attention the gravity of HIV testing. "In Europe, around 650, 000 people are still unaware of their HIV status," the ad says. The clip is a call for individuals to get tested, gain more insight to their sexual health and more importantly discourages the spread of the virus caused by ignorance.