The Another Magazine Fall 2013 Spread is in a Beguiling Forest

The Valentino Special Editorial for AnOther Magazine Fall 2013 issue is a darkly bewitching floral affair. Models Joanna Tatarka, Kayley Chabot and Manuela Frey traipse around what appears to be an enchanted forest growing inside an abandoned church courtyard.

The beautiful ladies sport teased hair-dos, Victorian-inspired collared dresses and hypnotic floral designs. They’re look is courtesy of the fashion stylings of fashion editor Katie Shillingford and beauty expert Rick Gradone.

One shot features a nude model strategically covering herself in leaves, while another covered-up model dons a floor length gown. The result is a gloomier, overgrown Garden of Eden post-fall vibe. This beguiling spread, shot by Jeff Bark, is dark, shadowy and mysterious, yet manages to stay pretty with the floral-infused designs.