These Photos Dipict Anonymous Workers on Their Lunch Break

 - Dec 2, 2015
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Photographer Charles Traub released a photo series that depicts anonymous workers during their lunch break. For many employees, lunchtime is the perfect opportunity to step out and get some fresh air. This series reveals the lunchtime habits of New York city residents during the 1970s.

Traub's series is called 'Lunchtime' and its part of a book he recently published. The Lunchtime series depicts anonymous workers stepping out on the streets of New York during their lunch break. The series depicts people of all ages and all walks of life, each of which is dressed in quintessential 1970s clothing. What is most striking about each of the photos is the wide range of expressions that characterize each worker.

Traub's series provides a unique glimpse into the lives of 1970s New Yorkers.