Anita Kunz Depicts a Cat & Dog with Impressive Oriental Body Art

 - Aug 3, 2012
References: anitakunz & lacarpa.tumblr
I’m pretty sure tattooing your pet would be considered a form of animal cruelty, but luckily enough for viewers, Anita Kunz has done so visually so that no one ever has to do it in real life. Titled ‘The Marked,’ these two illustrations feature a dog and cat, both hairless, who have been adorned with oriental-style body art. The tiny pooch has a tiger etched onto his skin while the cat has a koi fish engraved on its epidermis. Bizarre? Sure, but there’s no denying that it catches audiences’ attention.

Notable about these two Anita Kunz compositions is its use of a muted color palette. The paintings have an almost renaissance feel thanks to its faded look, along with Kunz’s masterful execution of her subjects. And the vibrant colors of the tattoos subtly pop from both the cat and dog’s skin, culminating in stunning pictures.