'Animikiikaa 10/97' is an Experience in Anishinaabe language

 - Mar 17, 2018
References: wag & cbc
Canadian artist Scott Benesiinaabandan is using his 'Animikiikaa 10/97' exhibit to expose and preserve the Anishinaabe language. This new experience will be featured at Winnipeg Art Gallery's Insurgence/Resurgence exhibit and is set to shine a light on the lack of recognition of Aboriginal languages. The piece is an auditory instillation that plays a recording of a woman speaking two poems in the Anishinaabe language. The instillation will be accompanied with low frequency sound art.

Animikiikaa 10/97 will be displayed in its own room at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and features a small, dark, triangular space. The space was designed to fully immerse the listener in the piece, and will feature haptic feedback with the low-frequency sounds in the recording. Benesiinaabandan's may focus on sound, but it is equally important that patrons also experience the feeling of the narration and the way it affects the space.