Kinder Toothpaste Packaging Has an Interactive Illustrated Element

 - Feb 27, 2015
References: & thedieline
For those kids who absolutely hate getting ready for bed, perhaps this animated package of toothpaste will bring a bit of fun into the process. Designer Miriam König has created a tube of toothpaste targeted especially at children, with a lovely label that's guaranteed to pique their interests.

In her Zahncreme für Kinder project, the designer made incredibly cute illustrations of cartoony characters brushing their teeth. They have brightly colored hair, rosy cheeks, freckles and big smiles, and they truly seem to be enjoying this daily hygienic practice.

If the friendly faces on these animated packages aren't enough to excite youngsters about oral health, the illusory images will be. Miriam proposes printing with two layers of ink. The top coat would rinse off in the sink to reveal another image underneath.