This Animated Game is an Illustrated Metaphor for Coping with Grief

In 'WEAVE,' a wordless and animated game, players follow two characters through two separate journeys to confront a "shared event" from their past.

Throughout the animated game, the only thing the characters seem to share in common between their individual worlds is a black orb looming in the distance -- a visual representation of the shared trauma from their past. The player is led through seemingly arbitrary challenges and actions: there are puzzles but what they are unlocking or achieving is unclear. Secondary characters are also encountered but they do not speak or identify themselves. Furthermore, documents must be signed and doors are opening but the effects of these actions are not immediately apparent.

The animated game appears to be a beautifully illustrated metaphor for the process of bringing oneself back to everyday life after having suffered a trauma. WEAVE can be played online or downloaded for PC for a price determined by the purchaser.