The Angle Bluetooth Headset Offers an Effortless Ear Clip Design

 - Oct 31, 2011
References: michaelharboun & mocoloco
The way that most users interact with their handsfree smartphone add-ons requires them to keep their earpieces in at all times, or else be satisfied to fumble with them the moment a call comes through. The Angle Bluetooth Headset affords a different approach to initiating mobile conversations, by making wireless speakers and microphones nearly effortless to attach.

Antoinne Coubronne, Michael Harboun and Thomas Chabrier worked with Orange to develop what operates essentially as an iPhone case at first glance. However, when the gadget begins to ring and the recipient lifts it to his ear, a small hook in the top keeps the detachable Angle fixed to his helix as he carefully lowers his cellphone. The Angle Bluetooth Headset allows one to maintain an exchange with the possibility of keeping the handset's mic and speaker operating for another person to partake in the discussion as well.