Aneta Kowalczyk Used Her Vision of the World to Create 'Dolls'

This incredible series by Aneta Kowalczyk features a model that looks exactly like a doll. It's hard to tell if she's real or plastic from the makeup on her face, the oversized props and her awkwardly frozen hands.

The way a Barbie doll's fingers don't bend or move is the same way the model positions her hands around different objects. The photographer cleverly had the model hold a phone between her fingers and her thumb, as a Barbie would if you were playing "House."

Aneta Kowalczyk truly has a passion for photography and this series is so important to her. The role of the doll is performed by her daughter Natalia and the project was executed completely by Aneta. She played the role of the makeup artist, stylist, hairdresser and set designer -- now that's talent!