This Brand Specializes in Designing Androgynous Clothing for Tomboys

 - Sep 17, 2015
References: thetomboyshop & thetomboyshop
The 'Tomboy Shop' is an online retailer that specializes in androgynous clothing for tomboys. A tomboy is generally described as a girl or a women who dresses in a more masculine or androgynous way. While many women prefer to dress in gender-neutral clothing, there are few retailers who specialize in these kinds of garments.

The Tomboy Shop is an online store that provides a curated selection of androgynous clothing. The company carries both indie labels and established brands. The majority of the items featured are affordable and comfortable enough for everyday wear. The idea is to give tomboys a single location for satisfying all of their clothing needs.

Instead of going to many different stores to find androgynous garments, the Tomboy Shop provides a carefully selected collection of items that will appeal to consumers.