Andreea Diaconu is Boldly Nostalgic in the ‘When Glam Ruled' Fe

The latest Vogue Japan editorial featuring model Andreea Diaconu, titled ‘When Glam Ruled,’ is a direct throwback to the 80s. That decade is commonly mocked for its fashion trends, including larger shoulder pads and checkered pantsuits. However, this editorial takes typical 80s fashion and contemporizes it, creating some stunning outfits.

One such outfit features a white blazer jacket and a black and white animal print romper. This ensemble is finished off with some cute animal-printed heeled booties that elongate the model’s shape and complement the outfit’s overall look.

Photographer Tom Munro did a wonderful job of channeling the 80s through this photoshoot. He chose to use a bright pink backdrop that makes the pinks and blacks in the ensembles pop off the screen and creates a Cyndi Lauper-esque vibe. When Glam Ruled proves that glamorous fashion does not necessarily have to be gaudy; it can be fun, fashionable and fabulous.