These Anatomical Driver Safety Ads Connect Bad Driving with Bad Health

 - Dec 30, 2013
References: streetanatomy & laughingsquid
You may think twice about drinking and driving, and reckless driving in general, after you've see these anatomical driver safety ads. Demian, Antoine Quairiat and Nahuel Belich of Flamboyant Paradise created the ads for JWT Buenos Aires to show people that when it comes to things that can kill you, your car is more dangerous than any disease.

The ads feature cars driving and crashing through the human body. Cars are crashing throughout the heart and are flying off the edges of other organs. The ads are wonderfully creative and cleverly show just how bad for your health poor driving can truly be. Unlike traditional driving ads, these anatomical driver safety ads don't beat you over the head with the consequences of reckless driving, which is very refreshing.