The Anakonda KAN200 is Designed to Be Bent and Twisted

 - Jul 9, 2013
References: k-array & tuvie
Although its name may be misleading, the Anakonda KAN200 is in no way, shape or form a snake product. Instead, K-array's Anakonda is a flexible speaker. That's right, a speaker that isn't rigid and can wrap around corners. It's designed to be used where conventional box speakers just can't cut it. The sleekness and flexibility of the Anakonda allows it to be stealthily installed. You never notice how visually unappealing box speakers are until they're out of the picture.

To protect against dust and nature in general, the Anakonda KAN200 comes with a fabric sock. This ensures that the sound quality will remain unchanged whether you're using the speaker indoors or outdoors. With all of the audio technology advancements of the past few years, it's amazing that nobody came up with a flexible speaker sooner.