The Ana Bidart Carved Paper Project is Delicately Decorative

 - Jan 15, 2013
References: flickr & booooooom
Using a rather unusual material as the basis for the sculptures, the Ana Bidart Carved Paper series demonstrates the artist's skill in all things paper.

Taking several units of tightly wound paper sheets, the Uruguay artist carves out a wave-like design into the rolls, getting deeper and exposing more and more layers towards the bottom of the pieces. Curving, sloping and slanting, the cutouts range in depth and extremity, some delicately arching while others boldly sliced in a straight line. Altogether, the mix of various textures and depths create a scintillating collection of work that is elegant and striking.

As the Ana Bidart Carved Paper series is held up, it is surprising to note just how small each roll of paper is, making the very detailed textures even more impressive.