This Window by Sang-Hoon Kima and Seong-Hyun Lee Blocks Sounds Not Air

 - Jul 13, 2013
References: & technologyreview
Korean researchers Sang-Hoon Kim and Seong-Hyun Lee have made an intelligent window that allows air to pass through without the noise.

The 'Air Transparent Soundproof Window' is a twofold coated acrylic window that has its two transparent layers separated by 40mm. The 40mm space in the middle of the twofold coated window goes about as a "thunder chamber."

Fifty millimeter openings are likewise penetrated through every bit of acrylic layer, with the goal that the greater part of the sound gets trapped in the chamber. However, this does not hinder the wind stream consequently permitting the window to stop sound, while permitting a free section of air.

This soundproofing solution could be useful for those living in big cities.