The Amnesty International Heaven Ad Shows that Death can be Miraculous

 - May 18, 2011
References: adsoftheworld
Advertising agency Young & Rubicam, Argentina, tried to convey the potential positivity in death in its newest Amnesty International Heaven Ad.

Many terrorists and criminals see death as a release and have embraced the idea numerous times, an idea that led creative director Martin Mercado to take this angle. With the copy "Death may not be the worst punishment. Demand death penalty’s abolishment" by copywriters Federico Aubone and Francisco Ferro, the ad cleverly makes you think that maybe being pro death penalty isn’t such a bad idea. The illustration of heaven as an amusement park by Matias Aguilu embodies a sweetly surreal scene, which would put anybody on cloud nine. I guess the question is: are you pro death penalty after viewing this ad?

The ad’s art directors are Gustavo Sucri and Matias Aguilu.