Alternative Alarm Clock Avoids Deafening Noises for More Pleasant Ones

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: kihyunkimdesign & dezeen
If you're like me and can't stand the noise of an alarm clock, Kihyun Kim's Alternative Alarm Clock is probably the best wake-me-up you can get.

The Alternative Alarm Clock doesn't operate like any alert because it doesn't use sound to wake you up. Instead, it supplies power to appliances that you plug in to get you up and going for the morning. Sounds confusing? Well suppose you want to wake up to the fresh smell of coffee. Plug in your espresso machine, set the alarm and once the designated time comes on, it'll start making coffee to wake you up. Let's say you want to wake up to a fan circulating air to your face. Same thing, plug it in and it'll activate once it goes off. It's a great concept for an alarm clock that won't annoy you in the morning for once.