'Alphabet' by Bogdan Dreava is a Minimalist Depiction of Letters

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: bogdand & abduzeedo
In kindergarten, children learn the alphabet through rote repetition. Though Bogdan Dreava's 'Alphabet' series is probably too abstractly complex for most five-year-olds, it is a unique approach to depicting the 26 Latin characters that is far from rote memorization.

Dreava's Alphabet uses a minimalist approach to lettering, yet the letters in the series are often difficult to parse without some context. Each letter is subtly carved into a single-hued surface, with changes in shading representing the edges and contours. Though each of the 26 letters are based on a unique hue, the sheer amount of letters (not to mention stylistic consistency) forces Dreava's series to contain some chromatically similar tones.

Another feature of the Alphabet series is the ubiquitous appearance of a small sphere. This sphere adds dynamics to the series as well as an easy reference for where the light in the photos is coming from.