VIVALOE's Beverages Combine Real Aloe Vera with Flavorful Fruit Infusions

 - Mar 8, 2016
References: vivaloebev
Mango, watermelon, lemon and coconut are a few of the ingredients that are used to enhance VIVALOE's exotic aloe drinks.

While Aloe Vera pulp and juice are common to all of the drinks, there are a number of different flavors that are enhanced with exotic fruit concentrates and extracts, as well as pure cane sugar for added sweetness. VIVALOE also produces a Pink Lemonade Aloe, which is a refreshing new take on both lemonade and other aloe drinks in this category.

As East-meets-West fusions are on the rise, consumers appreciate hybrid beverages like these aloe drinks that use familiar flavors as a way to offer the chance to discover if they have a taste for a new and exotic flavor.