John Holcroft’s Illustrations are Anecdotal of Everyday Eve

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: johnholcroft & visualnews
John Holcroft’s blunt and allegorical illustrations are admirably direct and well-depicted. The artist’s work is heavily descriptive and conceptual.

The businessmen who are feeding off of the piggy bank, the Swiss Army smartphone and the visual depiction of what the London subway feels like are all extremely concrete and creative interpretations. The artist uses bold lines and and clean overall technique that isn’t overly detailed, whereby enhancing the conceptual nature of his work.

Holcroft imaginatively depicts the electrical system as a ticking time-bomb, illustrating the phrase "you are what you eat" by comparing a man’s belly with the hamburger he eats and essentially uses visual allegory to interpret everyday life in a creative and humorous fashion throughout his body of work.