Alexander Farto Creates his Poignant Artworks with Live Ammunition

 - Mar 2, 2011
References: thisiscolossal & randommization
Alexander Farto is one artist who definitely knows that creation, and thus art, is a by-product of even the most destructive of forces.

Through the use of controlled and carefully directed explosives, Alexander Farto is able to turn walls into artistic statements that are altogether different than the origins of the materials used to make them. For whereas explosives and detonations are traditionally linked to destruction and chaos, Alexander uses them to create beautiful images that speak to an altogether different side of humanity: love, beauty and creation.

Alexander Farto creates his art works by carefully embedding explosives just below the surface of walls, and while the process does involve some volatile ingredients, it is anything but random or chaotic. The result of his efforts are in fact poignant and captivating artworks that go well beyond their humble origins.