Alessandro Ricci's Smog Paintings Aim to Curb Florence's Air Pollution

 - Feb 1, 2012
References: odditycentral
Alessandro Ricci is an Italian artist who has dedicated himself to raising awareness to the city of Florence's smog problem. Ricci has done this by gathering smog off the city's buildings and statues and using them to paint with.

Ricci gathers his smog using damp cotton balls and then uses the grimy residue to paint scenes of his home city. The paintings are sealed with resin and are then donated as the artist doesn't believe in profiting off his work. What puts Ricci's smog paintings over the top is the fact that he is a self-taught artist with no formal training save for a few art classes. Alessandro Ricci's crusade has paid minor dividends as Florence agreed in 2009 to turn the Duomo area of the city into a pedestrian-only section.