Alec Huxley Renders Provocative Subjects Who are See-Through

 - Apr 9, 2012
References: alechuxley & artforadults.tumblr
Alec Huxley is a fiercely talented artist whose latest offerings feature translucent subjects interacting with various environments. The way Huxley pulls off this effect is simply remarkable as he selectively omits portions of a person in order to depict what’s behind him or her instead. Viewers are thus treated to ghostly images of people inhabiting spaces, but who aren’t actually there.

Many of these Alec Huxley paintings show noir-style scenes that are simultaneously mysterious and sexy. The dominance of particular hues sets the mood for his pieces, leaving audience members feeling energized while looking at some images and unnerved at others. To be able to invoke such a reaction while also having the technical skills to render see-through subjects in a realistic, yet surreal manner is what makes Huxley such a standout artist in comparison to his peers.