Skip Work Entirely with This Party Boy Briefcase

These alcohol briefcases are perfect for those who want to attend parties in utmost style. Fully packed with life essentials, this aluminum briefcase will fool everyone into thinking you’re off to work.

The 17" aluminum briefcase contains a wide variety of tools for your adventure including, but not limited to: one pair of handcuffs, 375 ml of tequila, 375 ml of vodka, ten Advil tablet, two energy drinks, eye drops, shot glasses and a few other items. The set also comes with a personalized engraved plaque with your name and the option to add other lines of text for ultimate bragging rights.

The briefcase is entitled the ‘Football,’ because I suppose this is the perfect drinking set to bring with you before watching the game with the boys (what’s with the handcuffs?). The set costs $500 and is available to purchase on the Urban Mercenaries online web store.