Liven a Boring Dinner with a Secret Alcohol Atomizer

 - Oct 14, 2012
References: gadgetsmatrix
Flasks are a thing of the past when you have an alcohol atomizer. These small spritzers are easily concealable so they can be smuggled into most places.

Whether it's at a party, a dreadful family dinner or enjoying an evening out at a fancy musical, some people want to consider keeping a little treat in their pocket just in case things get a little boring, but it's probably not that easy when coats are being checked. Unlike the chunky and obvious flasks, alcohol atomizers are small and sleek and can easily be masked as breath freshener or even perfume.

Unfortunately, the tiny refillable bottle, which comes with a mini funnel, can hold about half a liquid ounce, which is approximately one tablespoon so one should use sparingly.

Image Credits: Amazon