Don't Be Shy About Your Fondness for Vino with this Funny Alcohol Apron

 - Oct 10, 2013
References: fancy
If you enjoy cooking with – and drinking - alcohol, this funny, defensive alcohol apron might be for you. This 100% cotton apron reads "Alcohol Won’t Solve Your Problems, But Neither Will Water or Milk." The U of the "but" and the I of the "will" are fashioned out of a wine glass sketch for added effect.

If you feel like you’re constantly defending your drinking habits to your friends, let them know that alcohol isn’t a fix for your troubles, but an indulgence for you. You already know that drinking a whole bottle of wine probably wont solve your student loan debt or heal a broken heart – but it sure can make you feel better about both.

So sit back and enjoy a glass of wine (or five) as you prepare your next meal; and if you’re friends have anything to say about it, simply point to your apron.