The Albion Milk Lotion Replenishes the Skin's Suppleness

 - Apr 16, 2018
References: albion-cosmetics
The Albion Milk Lotion delivers replenishing factors to the surface of freshly washed skin. The product aims to rejuvenate the skin with exactly what it needs in the correct order. The Albion believes that the way to achieve the concept of ideal beauty is simply with clarity and suppleness, refreshing the skin at the moment it needs it. The four-step process Albion follows involves cleansing with face wash, then softening—this is the step where the milk lotion would be used—followed by refining with lotion and finally activating with creams or serums.

The Albion Milk Lotions are formulated to cover the skin's surface with moisturizing balance but also infuse the skin with stratum corneum for healthy longevity. There are three "M" factors the brand explains the Albion milk lotion to be: Moisture, Modeling, and Mind, and the balance of the three elevates the skin's quality with moisture, delivers shape and plumpness. Albion recommends three pumps of the product and application with a cotton pad.