Artist Albert F. Montoya Turns Pop Culture Figures into Corpses

 - May 29, 2014
References: albertmontoya.tumblr & laughingsquid
Artist Albert F. Montoya creatively turns pop culture cartoon characters into eerie and decaying zombies in his recent illustrative series. The images turn happy-go-lucky cartoon personalities into darkly edgy corpses.

Montoya's creepy cartoon drawings showcases a darker side to TV characters. The drawings focus on illustrating characters like Bart Simpson, Zelda and Yoda with peeling skin, exposed bone and sagging skin as they slowly begin to turn into scary zombies. While these images are drastically different to how we're used to seeing these characters, it's a refreshing to see the darker side of cartoon characters.

Montoya's drawings seem to subvert the commonly accepted ideology that cartoon characters live on agelessly for generations by showcasing their bodies and faces as rotting corpses.