The Ajori Cruet is a Condiment Container Inspired by the Elegant Edible

There is great beauty to objects found in nature, offering exquisite inspiration for the design industry. The Ajori Cruet is modeled on the elegant form of a fist of garlic, and quite a fitting shape for a holder of spices, seasonings and dressings.

This delicious dining table accessory is the creative yield of photoAlquimia, Pilar Balsalobre and Carlos Jimenez. Its sculptural shape mimics that of a cluster of individual garlic cloves, all of varying sizes, accentuated in shape by their dry skins and budding up to a central stem. The base of the Ajori Cruet comprises a dimpled platter that fits the collection of bulbous pieces and a wooden core that extends upwards gracefully as a handle. It enables you to fill it with olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper in the kitchen and carry it over to the table.